Advertising Specifications

Specifications for PennWell's "Premium Rich Media Sponsor-SKY"

IMPORTANT: This is an IAB "Rising Star" expanding ad unit that must be 3rd party served

This ad position occupies a 300 x 600 placement in the right rail. Order assignment in the right rail depends on the PennWell brand and the site section.

Advertiser provides these specs to vendor:
Initial Dimensions: Messaging Plus Unit (MPU): 300w x 600h
Maximum Expanded Dimensions: Fully Expanded Sidekick Panel: 850w x 700h
Maximum Initial File Load Size: 60 KB
Max Additional Initial File Load Size
for OBA Self-Reg Compliance:
5 KB

Subsequent Max Polite File Load Size:

110 KB

Subsequent Max User Initiated File Load Size:

2.2 MB

Subsequent Max User Initiated Additional Streaming File Size:

Unlimited for Streaming video
File Format: .SWF, .GIF, .JPG, HTML5
Close Button: Sidekick Panel-Must contain a visible Close button in the upper left hand corner of the expanded Sidekick panel.
Click to Open: 300x600: Must contain an explicit call-to-action which allows a user to CLICK to expand the Sidekick panel. User-initiated expand control in the 300 x 600 MPU panel “slides” page content to the left.
Animation: Frame rate: 24 frames per second; Maximum animation: 15 seconds
Video: Available in the Sidekick panel or the 300x600 only. NOT allowed to run video in both panels concurrently. All video must have Play, Stop and Sound On/Off controls visible throughout the entire video display. (Volume control to zero (0) output may be included instead of or in addition to Mute control). Length is unlimited for streaming video.
Audio: Must be initiated by click (mute/unmute). For user initiated expand of the Sidekick panel, audio can start in On position. The 300 x 600 MPU panel must begin muted.
Z-Index Range: 5000 - 1,999,999
Maximum CPU Consumption: Vendor's technology should consume no more than 40% of users CPU resources on an average system.
Expand Panel Position: The Sidekick expand panel must be positioned 60px to the right of the 300x600 ad with the tops of the ads aligned vertically.
Default Gif/JPG: Best Practice: 300x600-Default image is required for Flash or HTML5 submission. 50k maximum file size.
Third Party Tracking: Accepted on the linking URLs.  A tracking 1x1 URL is also accepted.
Testing: Must function uniformly on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems as well as the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari for Mac OS X.Note: If the submitted creative does not conform to the above specifications, it will not be placed online and may result in a delayed launch date.
Submission Lead Time: Min 6 business days before campaign start