Cabling & Broadband

PennWell's Cabling & Broadband Group is the trusted resource engineers and engineering managers turn to for up-to-date information focused on the structured cabling, optical communications and broadband industry. Featuring leading industry publications, websites, eNewsletters, events and more, industry leaders rely on Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Lightwave and Broadband Technology Report to provide key details and insights on these rapidly evolving industries.


Cabling Installation & Maintenance

Cabling Installation & Maintenance delivers trusted content to designers, installers and owners of premises and campus communication systems challenged by changing standards, products and technologies.


Lightwave delivers content focused on fiber optics and optoelectronics, the technologies that enable the growth, integration and improved performance of voice, data and video communications networks and services.

Data & Information Products

PennTech Jobs

PennTech Jobs connects leading tech industry employers and recruiters with most qualified, career-minded professionals. Job seekers can post their resumes, search and apply for jobs, and discover free career resources.

Buyers Guides

Buyers Guides are the online resource for the most detailed and comprehensive data on products, systems, services and companies serving buyers and purchase influencers worldwide.

Broadband Technology Report (BTR)

Broadband Technology Report covers the latest tools, techniques and approaches that broadband professionals must know about as they face the many challenges in today’s hyper-competitive environment. BTR provides a comprehensive overview of the newest products and solutions available and share the thought leadership coming from top engineering experts on everything from network reliability, efficiency and capacity to CAPEX and OPEX pressures… to integration demands and beyond.