Connecting You With Your Audience is What We Do.

PennWell Marketing Solutions completes your marketing picture by providing a full suite of services to help you distill and effectively disseminate your message to your target audience. We do this by becoming an extension of your marketing team. We will help you define what’s unique about your brand. And, we will help you influence buying decisions across multiple channels, engage potential clients, and convert prospects into customers.

We have built a team of the best branding strategists, digital marketers and creative design experts, all under one roof for maximum impact. Plus, as part of PennWell, years of reporting for your industry give us in-depth knowledge about your market. Rely on our expertise and resources to turn out targeted, compelling, effective marketing solutions that will help your business succeed.

Connecting Audiences is What We Do

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or revitalize an existing brand, we have the experience and the capabilities to help you make any venture a success.

Database Marketing

One key differentiator is our ability to access the vast data that reflects user demographics and behaviors within the many industries PennWell serves.


Whether it's composing an email, developing a website, hosting a flash movie or podcast, our team can help you create, develop and launch.

Program Management

Clients utilize our in-house resources to manage the implementation of their programs across all their marketing channels.

Custom Research & Surveys

Our clients take advantage of our industry expertise to develop comprehensive and insightful surveys and market research projects.

Design & Development Services

Tired of creative that is not making a difference? Let us show you the way for digital, print and events to improve your results and grow your business.


PennWell’s portfolio of industry-leading publications, events, e-newsletters and more provide unparalleled opportunities to grow your business.

Let us partner with you to expand your reach and succeed in accomplishing your brand marketing initiatives.

  • Leverage advertising to reach new/unique audiences via our print and digital mediums
  • Optimize PennWell's international reach through our events to take your product and services into new markets
  • Use targeted emails to reach your audience and build brand awareness
  • Enhance your advertising with video, audio and embedded animation online and through our brands' unique website and digital edition offerings